EAA Chapter 1134

Young Eagles:

May 6th 2017

KGBD – Pilot meeting will be held just before 8am. Volunteers and Pilots needed! For more info contact Rick – 620-793-2432.

All pilots need to have completed the EAA Youth Protection Policy – Click here if you haven't completed the EAA's form in the past.

Monthly Meeting:

May 2017

Hosted by: Co-Meeting EAA 1535 Eastern KS
Location: Marion, KS 43K
Date: 5-6-2017 1PM
Notes: This is a co meeting with EAA 1535 (Eastern KS), bring a side dish to share.

September 2017

Hosted by: Craig & Paula Robl
Location: Ellinwood
Date: 9-2-2017 – Saturday 

Would you like to host a 2017 meeting? Please contact Brad or Chrissy to let us know the month you would like to host. 

EAA 1134 Info:

The Great Planes Chapter, EAA 1134 meets monthly on the first Sunday of the month at 1pm. Meetings are often at the Great Bend Airport:KGBD, or at members home airports int he area. See the newsletters or info above for current locations. The Great Plains Chapter hosts at least one Young Eagles Event at the Great Bend Airport each year, information will be posted here as it becomes available.


EAA 1134 Newsletters:

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EAA 1134 Minutes:

EAA 1134 November 2016 Minutes
EAA 1134 May 2016 Minutes

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