Derek Genova – Certified Flight Instructor – Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic – IA

Derek began flying in 2001 due to his love with aviation since he was a child. He opened Steel City Aviation in October of 2002 in Pueblo, Colorado and Centerline Aviation in September of 2009 in Great Bend, Kansas. Derek spends many hours at the airport teaching new students, helping fellow pilots, working as a mechanic, and flying airplanes.Derek is a Certified Flight Instructor, an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, and an IA. Derek truly enjoys every aspect of general aviation; flying, teaching, repairing and building.

Chrissy GenovaChristina Genova – Certified Flight Instructor – Multi Engine Instructor – Designated Pilot Examiner

Chrissy learned to fly at Centennial Airport, in Denver, CO. After teaching for just over a year there, she was hired on to an air ambulance company flying Learjet’s both around the country and around the world. In January of 2003 she decided to return to flight instructing as she had missed the joys it brings. Chrissy is a career instructor, professional pilot and aviation enthusiast, with over 10,000 flight hours, and is available to teach all licenses and ratings, flight reviews, IPC’s, mountain checkouts, and much more! Chrissy is also a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) for the Kansas area and is able to travel to you for checkrides.

Rich Thorn – Certified Flight Instructor

Rich started flying in 2005, obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate in California. Soon after becoming a pilot he purchased his own airplane, a Cessna 182, which he still owns and flies today. In 2014, Rich completed his Commercial Certificate, adding his Multi Engine rating a year later. In the fall of 2015 Rich moved to Great Bend, Kansas to work with Centerline Aviation and become a full time Flight Instructor. Rich is also a professional pilot, flying cargo in a Cessna Caravan for a UPS feeder and as a contract pilot in various aircraft. Rich has been involved in aviation since he graduated high school, including working at different FBO’s in different states, owning an airplane,and a member of the Colorado Air National Guard, as a weapons loading specialist.




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