Important Centerline Aviation Documents

Aircraft Pilot’s Operating Handbooks & Weight and Balances

N9614H Pilot’s Operating Handbook
N9614H Weight and Balance 6-29-2016
N9614H Weight & Balance Calculation Sheet 4-28-17
N9614H Checklist – 2019

N3138C Pilot’s Operating Handbook
N3138C Weight and Balance
N3138C Weight & Balance Calculation Sheet 4-28-17
N3138C Checklist

N8883Y Approved Pilot’s Operating Manual
N8883Y Operating Guide
N8883Y Checklist 2-2020
N8883Y Autopilot Operating Manual
N8883Y Weight and Balance Worksheet
N8883Y Weight and Balance

Membership Documents

Membership Application
Rules and Regulations 9-2013
Aircraft Checkout Quiz

Private Pilot Packet Information

Private Pilot Packet Info Sheets
AWOS Sheet
Flight Service Weather Briefing Sheet
GBD Airport Diagram
Weather Symbols
Pre-Solo Written Exam
Passenger Safety Briefing Card

Multi Engine Training Information

Panel Poster
Multi Engine Maneuvers Sheet 2-2020
Vmc Criteria
Airplane Flying Handbook – Transition to Multiengine Airplanes
Flying Light Twins Safely
McCauley Full Feathering Constant Speed Propeller Information – Professor Von Kliptip
High Altitude Operations – FAA AC 61-107B CHG 1 – Aircraft Operations at Altitudes Above 25,000 Feet Mean Sea Level 

Instrument Preparation Information

Brief Procedure Checklist
RNAV Approach Info Sheet – FAA
Jeppesen Briefing for New Circling Minimums
FAA Chart Users Guide 12th Edition
RVR Conversions

Commercial Preparation Information

Commercial Maneuvers Checklist – C182RG

Checkride Preparation Information

– Airman Certification Standards and Practical Test Standards – Please read and review the ACS or PTS that covers your checkride. If you have any question please contact Chrissy or Rich.

All FAA Practical Test Standards

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