Important Centerline Aviation Documents

Aircraft Pilot’s Operating Handbooks & Weight and Balances

N8883Y Approved Pilot’s Operating Manual
N8883Y Operating Guide
N8883Y Checklist 2-2020
N8883Y Autopilot Operating Manual
N8883Y Weight and Balance Worksheet
N8883Y Weight and Balance

Private Pilot Packet Information

Private Pilot Packet Info Sheets
AWOS Sheet
Flight Service Weather Briefing Sheet
GBD Airport Diagram
Weather Symbols
Pre-Solo Written Exam
Passenger Safety Briefing Card

Multi Engine Training Information

Panel Poster
Multi Engine Maneuvers Sheet 2-2020
Vmc Criteria
Airplane Flying Handbook – Transition to Multiengine Airplanes
Flying Light Twins Safely
McCauley Full Feathering Constant Speed Propeller Information – Professor Von Kliptip
High Altitude Operations – FAA AC 61-107B CHG 1 – Aircraft Operations at Altitudes Above 25,000 Feet Mean Sea Level 

Instrument Preparation Information

Brief Procedure Checklist
RNAV Approach Info Sheet – FAA
Jeppesen Briefing for New Circling Minimums
FAA Chart Users Guide 12th Edition
RVR Conversions

Checkride Preparation Information

– Airman Certification Standards and Practical Test Standards – Please read and review the ACS or PTS that covers your checkride. If you have any question please contact Chrissy or Rich.

All FAA Practical Test Standards


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